Welcome to Science Via Markets

My name is Mark E. Deardorff. I believe that in an age when waste abounds, and the needs of science in the life of Humanity has never been greater, it is the time for the course the path of science to seek its level. Rather than bureaucrats and congressional Luddites, science must be guided by need rather than by politics, fame, jealousy, and optics.

The purpose of this site and blog is manifold. Through discussion, both fact and speculation, options for man’s future will erode the dogma and seek new options. How the Earth does not represent our future but how the unfettered alliances of science with the trifold agendas of free markets, philanthropy, and scientists can guide our world to greatness.

Apparently, much of this happens now regarding medical research through the various disease foundations and in business through industrial development. But there is a parti pris that government is always involved in scientific research.These ideas need not be de rigueur. Nor is it the case that when private agencies take on partnerships with government, there is no division of the state. It is more often a ruse. An appearance of privatization but a real tax benefit to the entrepreneur.

These among many other things will be part of the discussion held here; I invite you to join us.