Let It Burn

I think this may be the best way to help folks help themselves. “If you want our help, clear your damn property of trees and shrubs!” If they don’t, let the house go to briquets and a night of regret to a learning experience.

House on fire with family looking on.

In fact, Southern California, my home for sixty years, has had laws in place to that very end. And, year after year, homeowners ignore that rule (with corollary fines) and suffer losses when firefighters arrived to find homes engulfed from general conflagrations whipped up during Santanna Winds in the early (and now late) Autumn.

Of course, none of this would be necessary if firefighting was privatized as part of part of a home security plan. Your monthly premium would include fire protection (inspection and extinguishings,) insurance, supervision of design and execution of repair for in-kind replacement. (A good firm would, after all, cover their assets, too!)

Public firefighting has always (except possibly volunteer associations) had difficulty doing a bang-up job.

Firefighters risk a lot and suffer much. In fact, they do a great job. They would be the same people doing the work for the private firms, too. But the management would be responsible, as much as the guys on the ladders, swinging the axes, and administering oxygen to choking and overwhelmed victims to run the system and take the blame for failures.